Key Findings from the 2018 Summit and Stark Polls: Most Important Problem Facing County

The 2018 Summit and Stark Polls included a set of questions asking county residents to rate a series of quality of life indicators in the county. The article below outlines the results from the question: “What do you think is the most important problem facing the county right now?” In both Summit and Stark Counties, for the second straight year, substance abuse and heroin were cited most frequently. Once dominating the results, employment issues such as high unemployment and jobs leaving the area, is now the third or fourth most important problem. For more detailed results from the 2018 Polls as well as significant changes over the past twelve years, click on the appropriate link below.

ABOUT THE SUMMIT AND STARK POLLS: Each poll is a research service offered to organizations, agencies and businesses with a county-wide interest as an affordable method of collecting information on opinions & attitudes of county residents. The Collaborative Poll is an annual telephone survey that includes questions posed by multiple organizations in which each participant pays for only those questions necessary to meet their information and research needs.

Summit County

Stark County