5 Reasons We Love Public Opinion Research

By: Amanda Barna and Michelle Henry

Public opinion research is a way to measure the opinions of a large population by studying a small random sample. Organizations need to know what the public wants or needs in addition to understanding the public perception of the organization. These are some of the reasons that organizations love public opinion research. As founders of a public opinion research firm, we too have a love for public opinion research, both from a professional and personal standpoint. There is a laundry list of reasons why we love what we do.
Below are our top five.

  1. Public opinion research drives decisions – Identifying the information needed to meet organizational objectives can be the secret sauce for many organizations, the missing piece to a puzzle. We love providing our clients with the roadmap to make key decisions.
  2. Public opinion research is challenging – Finding hard to reach demographic groups, writing the perfect questions for surveys, and creating a key set of findings from a large set of data can be challenging.  We love meeting these challenges and seeing these products take form.
  3. Public opinion research is collaborative Research requires teamwork and encourages partnerships. We love finding ways to work with our clients and community partners to make a difference.
  4. Public opinion research gives a voice to the public There are few opportunities to voice our opinions in a meaningful way in a safe environment.  We love giving the opportunity for people of all walks of life to share what they think and have an impact on public policy.
  5. Public opinion research is interesting – Every project we work on is unique and interesting. Our work is never boring. We love having the opportunity to learn, grow and discover new things every day.