SPECIAL REPORT: Issues in the Region

By: Amanda Barna

The most important problem facing Summit, Stark and Cuyahoga county residents are employment concerns such as not enough jobs and high unemployment. Although the proportion of residents that cite employment issues as the biggest problem in the county varies greatly amongst the three counties (from 36% in Summit County to 55% in Stark County), employment issues are clearly the number one problem, more than doubling the percentage of the second most important concerns.

Medina County, however, is a completely different story. Whereas employment concerns are the number one issue in Summit, Stark, and Cuyahoga Counties, employment concerns are the fourth most important in Medina county. The most important problems in Medina County are government and political issues such as poor road conditions and ineffective government. Economic and education issues are also more important than employment concerns in Medina County.

Why the difference between the counties? Part of the reason could be that Medina County’s unemployment rate is much lower than the other three counties or that the median household income is significantly higher.

Another possible reason for why issues such as road conditions and traffic are so much more important in Medina County as opposed to the other three counties is that while the population in Medina County has steadily increased in Medina County over the past decade, the population of the other three counties has decreased or remained stagnant.

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