Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a research firm is legitimate?

When calling, legitimate research firms will disclose the following information:


CMOR subscribes to AAPOR's Code of Ethics for the telephone survey industry.
Your opinion matters! If a legitimate company calls you for a survey, please take the time to participate.

I am on the "do not call" list. Why am I receiving calls?

Most types of opinion and marketing research studies are exempt under the law that congress recently passed. The law was passed to regulate activities of the telemarketing industry. However, CMOR will honor any request not to be called.

Why should I participate in a survey?

Polls seek to measure public opinion and collect data public on a range of subjects. Surveys are one way in which researchers, public officials and service providers know what the public is thinking so that they can act in the public’s best interest. . Public officials and other leaders pay attention to the results of polls and often take them into account in their decision-making. If certain kinds of people do not participate in the survey, then the results won't represent the full range of opinions in that population.

How are public opinion polls different from market research?

There are many similarities but the main difference is the subject matter. Public opinion polls typically focus on public issues, community needs, and the views of the public about elected officials. Market research explores opinions about products and services, and measures your buying patterns, awareness of products and services, or willingness to buy something.

How do you get the telephone numbers you call?

Most telephone surveys of the general public use a random digit dial (or "RDD") sampling technique to generate the sample of phone numbers used in the survey. This random selection ensures that everyone has an equal chance of being selected. This procedure makes our surveys completely confidential. We typically have no information about our respondents, and phone numbers are removed from the dataset before it is given to our clients so that no one can trace responses back to a respondent.