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What sets CMOR apart from our competitors is our commitment to providing data analysis and reports that are readable and actionable. We don’t just report on survey results, we give our clients recommendations on how to target messaging and win campaigns. We use the results of the surveys to help our clients influence public policy, set issue agendas, improve public images, increase support, sway undecided voters, and raise funds. 

Service Highlights

Registered Voter Survey

Surveys of registered voters are a strategic method to gauge the views and support of the wider community. CMOR has experience in customizing surveys to provide strategic analysis of key levy issues as well as to identify and measure effective campaign themes and messages.  Additionally, CMOR will provide recommendations regarding information needed to sway undecided voters.

Marketing Campaign & Material Assessment

Before investing in an expensive marketing campaign, let CMOR test its effectiveness using proven and tested methods. CMOR has vast experience in bringing together a targeted group to conduct focus groups. In the end, you will have recommendations how to improve your materials in order to make them more salient to your intended target. Before the levy marketing campaign is rolled out, CMOR recommends conducting a series of focus groups of undecided voters to see what they thought about the materials & messaging. 

Targeted Profile Development 

Using data from telephone surveys as well as past election data from the Board of Elections to develop a model of support and likelihood to vote. The model can be used to assign a 'Likelihood to Vote', 'Likelihood to Support', and 'Likelihood to be Undecided' to each voter on the voter registration list so that messaging can be targeted and thus more effective. 

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