Change is hard

Determining what needs to be changed and how best to implement it can be even harder. CMOR can help your organization decide what processes and structures need change and how best to introduce it. CMOR’s Performance Solutions Services are based on four critical areas of business:

Addressing each of these areas is essential for the success of any business or organization. CMOR assists companies with this process by assessing issues and needs through research, determining the best course of action, developing plans to improve and overcome, and facilitating implementation.


Have you ever sat down and evaluated your company culture? Has a toxic environment overshadowed the production? The mindset of your management staff and employees determines the path of your business. CMOR will help you to assess, plan, and re-route your workforce to the course necessary for your company’s growth and success. CMOR can help you with:


We all know that a good plan is a roadmap to success. However, developing a workable plan may be easier said than done. Ideas, hopes, and dreams can be difficult to fit into a structured plan. CMOR has the expertise to gather your thoughts and ideas, then apply them to a detailed and forthright plan for your business. Allow CMOR to show you how your dream can become a reality with:


If daily processes are not periodically reviewed and evaluated, dollars can be flying out the window unnoticed. Something that worked yesterday, may not still be working today. New procedures may be falling short of their goal. Lack of tracking and communication can leave your staff feeling isolated and unimportant. Give your business the attention it deserves by looking closely at the processes that make it work on a daily basis. CMOR will review and make suggestions on improvements you can make to increase your company’s efficiency and accuracy. CMOR will help you to determine your company’s success rate in:


Every company has untapped resources. CMOR will help your organization to identify and utilize those resources that have yet to be added to your asset column. Furthermore, CMOR will assist you with determining what additional resources would be beneficial to your company, calculating the efficiency of use of current resources, and anticipating your company’s future needs. We will then aid you with devising a strategy to have new resources added and optimize the use of those already in play.