American Red Cross, United Way, and Haven of Rest among top non-profits according to 2011 Community Pulse Report

According to the 2011 Community Pulse Report for Summit County released by the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), the non-profit or charitable organization that makes a difference in Summit County that comes to mind first among Summit County residents, was the American Red Cross, with 12.0% of the respondents to the 2011 Summit County Collaborative Poll naming this organization first. Slightly fewer, 10.0%, named United Way of Summit County. Rounding out the top 5 most commonly named organizations was Haven of Rest Ministries (9.5%), the Salvation Army (8.7%), and local churches (6.5%).

When looking at the types of organizations most frequently named by Summit County residents, nearly one-in-five, or 27.5%, named a faith-based organization. The second most common type of organization was basic needs or self-sufficiency organizations, with 22.4% naming one of these agencies. Other types of organizations named include, in order of importance, Emergency and disaster assistance (12.0%), health condition and diagnosis related (5.8%), Summit County Public Agencies (5.3%), Healthcare providers and hospitals (4.6%), youth and family organizations (3.0%), animal related organizations (2.9%), veteran organizations (1.9%), foundations (1.6%), neighborhood revitalization programs (1.6%), pregnancy organizations (1.4%), crisis organizations (0.8%), senior citizen organizations (0.5%), and community based associations (0.5%).

Summit Charitable Organizations that make a difference

The Community Pulse Reports were developed to assist community leaders in monitoring the quality of life in the county as well as to identify community needs. Each year, the Community Pulse Report focuses on a unique area of community well-being while maintaining a standard set of community needs and quality of life questions annually. In 2011, the focus area was non-profits and charitable organizations that make a difference in the community.

The data from the Community Pulse Report comes from our Collaborative Poll program. CMOR has been conducting Collaborative Polls annually since 2007, allowing us to report on trends in the area of community needs and quality of life in the county. The Collaborative Poll program is a research service offered to organizations, agencies and businesses with a county-wide interest as an affordable method of collecting information on opinions & attitudes of county residents. A Collaborative Poll is an annual telephone survey that includes questions posed by multiple organizations in which each participant pays for only those questions necessary to meet their information and research needs.

The Center for Marketing & Opinion Research is a full service public opinion research firm located in the Portage Lakes area providing innovative research solutions to non-profits, government agencies, social service organizations, colleges and universities, and hospitals. CMOR utilizes multiple modes of data collection including telephone, web and mail surveys and focus group administration as well as offering comprehensive consulting services including consultation on research and survey design, program evaluation, grant writing, data management, analysis and report writing.

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