CMOR Recipient of ATHENA PowerLink Award

Michelle Henry and Amanda Barna, founding partners of the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), are the proud recipients of the Athena PowerLink award in Akron in its inaugural year. ATHENAPowerLink® is a program of ATHENA International, an organization dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for women. ATHENAPowerLink® guides women business owners in defining and achieving tangible goals by providing them with access to a panel of business advisors. Each advisory panel is hand-selected based upon each woman business owner’s individual needs. These volunteer panelists serve as mentors and advisors for a 12-month period at no charge to the woman business owner and, ultimately, strive to help the woman business owner achieve growth and profitability. This is the first year for the program in Akron. The advisory panel specifically designed for CMOR is composed of area professionals, experts in marketing, communications, healthcare, call center, sales, law, and finance.

“We are so honored and excited to be given this opportunity. Having access to this caliber of business professionals has paved the way for us to build a solid foundation for future business growth” said Henry. “The program has allowed us to identify the value we deliver to our clients,” added Barna.

More than six years ago, Michelle and Amanda identified that there was a need in the community for affordable, reliable public opinion research services. In June of 2006, the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research also known as CMOR was created. CMOR is an Akron-based public opinion research firm providing professional research services to colleges and universities, hospitals, and community based organizations including telephone, web and mail surveys, field, intercept and key informant interviews as well as focus group administration.

The University of Akron Research Foundation, Dr. George Newkome, President, is the license holder for the Akron ATHENA PowerLink. Roetzel and Andress handles the administration for the Akron ATHENA PowerLink. Sue Ketler, Attorney, is the representative from Roetzel & Andress. Sue Peirce, Partner, Apple Growth Partners, is chair of the Governing Body.

For more information, please contact Amanda Barna at the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) at 330-564-4211 or email at to speak with a member of our research team.