Summit County Outlook on Economy Drastically Improving According to Poll

Akron, OH- The Summit Poll, conducted by the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research, found that Summit County residents’ outlook on the local economy is drastically improving with the proportion of county residents who rate the local economy favorably increasing from 29% in 2014 to 39% in 2015 – from a low of 16% in 2011. Maybe more important than the growing positive feelings on the economy is the decrease in negative perceptions from a high of 42% in 2009 to just 14% in 2015. While Summit County residents, overall, are feeling more positive, Akron residents are not likely to rate the economy as favorably as suburban residents – 45% of suburban residents rate the local economy favorably compared to 30% of Akron residents.

The data included in this Press Release is from the 2015 Summit Poll with comparison data from 2007-2014. The Summit Poll is an annual telephone survey, conducted by the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research, which allows community organizations and local businesses with an interest in the opinions & attitudes of county residents to pose questions on the poll. It is an affordable way to collect key information as each participating organization pays for only those questions they choose to pose. The poll was conducted in March 2015 and included responses from 800 Summit County residents, providing a margin of error of +/- 4% within a 95% confidence interval.

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