Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys continue to be the best method for reaching a random sample of the general population, whether local, state, or national. CMOR specializes in data collection utilizing a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) program and a team of highly trained telephone interviewers.

Online or Web Surveys

Online surveys are a cost effective way to gather information needed by organizations from a variety of sources in order to make key decisions.

Intercepts/Face to Face/Key Informant Interviews

CMOR staff is experienced in the management of all aspects of field and intercept studies—from design of the study, development of the questionnaire, sampling, hiring and training appropriate interviewers, and overseeing all staff on site, data collection, and data analysis.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a cost-effective method to gather in-depth insight into your topic by the facilitation of a discussion with a small group of individuals. CMOR houses a unique facility to conduct focus groups, one-on-one interviews, training classes, professional meetings, and small seminars. Located between Akron and Canton, CMOR is centrally located for focus groups from Summit, Medina, and Stark counties. The focus group facility has as a private observation area where observation is done via a remote monitoring system. This allows participants to feel more comfortable when sharing their opinions.

GIS and Mapping Services

Mapping survey and voter data is a way to display information geographically. CMOR has the ability to use data collected through telephone, web, or mail surveys or precinct data from the Board of Elections and map the data using GIS software. We produce high quality maps that allow you to easily visualize results. Data can come from our research services or from other sources.

Mail Surveys

Mail surveys are sometimes the most effective way to reach your target audience. CMOR can manage the entire process of collecting your important data by mail, or we can fill in where you need help most.

Research Design, Survey Design, and Data Analysis

Designing research projects, collecting, and analyzing the data is what we do at CMOR. CMOR can implement a particular phase of your research effort, or let us coordinate the entire process from start to finish.