David Huskins, Mapping/GIS Consultant

David graduated from Ashland College (now University) with a Bachelors in Sociology and Criminal Justice. He then obtained a Masters in Sociology, specializing in Domestic Violence Research and Program Evaluation. David also holds a Masters in Geography. 

Since October 2007 he has been a Geospatial Information Systems Specialist with the Department of Homeland Security at the FEMA Florida Recovery Office. David works at the U.S. Census Bureau as Geographer, Survey Processing Branch, American Community Survey. He has consulted part time with the Center for Marketing & Opinion Research particularly for mapping and Census related projects.

In addition, David volunteers with a number of non-profit organizations, had worked overseas on various aid projects and holds an active Ohio Social Worker License.

David's Favorite Books:

David’s favorite is subject to change, but what is important to him is generally fairly constant. David likes the garden variety science fiction, mysteries and historical texts. American Project, Mama Might be Better off Dead and Changing Plans for America's inner cities were probably the most rewarding books to teach from, and he learned far more than just reading them by exploring them collaboratively with his students.

David\s Favorite Cause:

David has long been involved in charities and organizations working in the former U.S. Trust Territories, particularly the Marshall Islands. These are the islands taken from the Japanese by the U.S. at the end of World War II and where the U.S. tested atomic weapons.

David's Favorite Vacation Destination:

David prefers occasional working vacations volunteering with non-profit service agencies. This happens less often than he’d like. If he is on a traditional vacation, he prefers smaller out-of-the way venues with character. David grew up in a tourist town and tends to find them unenjoyable.