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Community Pulse Reports


The Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) publishes a FREE Community Pulse Report in select counties each year, developed to assist community leaders in monitoring the quality of life in their county as well as to identify community needs.

The data from the Community Pulse Report comes from the Collaborative Polls, which CMOR has been conducting annually since 2007. The Community Pulse Report currently includes 16 years of trend data in the areas of quality of life, community needs, and information sources.

Community Pulse Reports

  • What is the most important problem facing county residents right now?

  • How do residents rate the county as a place to live? We also ask residents to rate the quality of healthcare services, availability of job opportunities, the local economy, the availability of affordable housing, the quality of entertainment and cultural activities, and the job that the local police department does in keeping the community safe?

  • Where do residents get most of their information from? What newspaper or newspaper website do they read most often? How do they read the newspaper? How do they listen to the radio? How do they watch TV?

  • Are residents likely to move out of the county?

  • Do you residents have access to computers and the internet? 


Community Pulse Reports are now available for

Summit, Stark, & Medina Counties 

Request your FREE 2023  Community Pulse Report Today

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