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Who We Serve

Our Expertise

As your research partner, we would work “a la carte”, meaning that you select what aspects of a research project you need us for. Need us to do the project start to finish? We can do that. Only need help with one aspect of your research project? We do that too. We also work on a “project-by-project” basis, not on retainer or under a contract. This means you only pay for the services you need and only when you need them, which is far less costly than hiring new, full-time employees whenever your research needs pick up and retaining them when research needs slow down. 

  • Non-Profits and Social Service Agencies

  •  Government Agencies- including counties, cities, and townships.

  •  County Boards- DD, Behavioral Health and Children Services

  •  Hospitals and Health Insurance Organizations

  •  Health Departments

  • Colleges & Universities

  • School Districts

  • Marketing & Communications Firms

  • Arts and Culture Organizations

  •  Community Action Agencies

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Public Transportation

  • Public Libraries 

Our Specialties 

  • Collaborative Polls 

  • Community Image, Awareness, and Support Studies

  • Needs Assessments

  • Community Health Assessments and Community Health Needs Assessments

  • Benchmarking Studies

  • Key Stakeholder Research (customers, employees, community leaders)

  • Levy Research/Registered Voter Surveys

  • Marketing Campaign and Material Assessment

  • Program and Grant Evaluations

  • Academic Research Support

  • Data Modeling

  • Longitudinal Studies

  • Intercept Studies

  • Surveys on sensitive topics with vulnerable populations

  • Recruiting study participants for a focus group or in-depth interviews

  • Testing new markets or services/products & uncovering opportunities

  • Questionnaire Development or review

  • Consultation to develop a research plan and data collection tools to measure program outcomes

  • Business to Business Surveys

  • Membership Surveys

  • Among many, many others

Our Research Capabilities

  • Telephone surveys

    • Call center

    • Market leading surveying software 

    • Comprehensive Training and Quality Control Protocols

  • Focus Group Administration

    • Off-site focus group administration capabilities

    • Remote observation and recording

    • Experienced moderator on staff

    • Participant recruitment

    • Remote focus groups

  • Field/In-Person Surveys

    • Key Informant Interviews

    • One on one interviews

    • Intercept Studies

    • Interviews on sensitive topics and with vulnerable population 

  • Web Surveys

    • Customized design to match the look and feel of your brand

    • Wide variety of question types

    • Robust survey logic

    • Respondent tracking for follow-up on non-response

  • Consulting Services

    • Program Evaluation

    • Grant Writing

    • Research and Survey Design

    • Secondary Data Analysis

As AAPOR members, we pledge to maintain the highest standards of scientific competence, integrity, accountability, and transparency in designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting our work, and in our interactions with participants (sometimes referred to as respondents or subjects), clients, and the users of our research. We pledge to act in accordance with principles of basic human rights in research. We further pledge to reject all tasks or assignments that would require activities inconsistent with the principles of this Code.

What Our Clients Say

Billie Jo David,
Director of Planning and Performance Excellence, Summit DD

"Summit DD has worked with CMOR for several years to obtain outcome data that has been instrumental to improve services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Summit County. CMOR provides outstanding levels of customer service and has become a partner to understand our business goals and direction. As a result of CMOR's services our Agency achieved a levy passage rate of more than 70%."
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