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Additional Services

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Business to Business

B2B Surveys are one of the most reliable forms of market research. When you have special data needs, often with the only viable way to get the exact information you need is a custom B2B survey.   CMOR will help you get the information you need to make solid decisions to help your business grow.

Web Usability Studies

Usability testing is a way to evaluate a website or web application by having several representative users perform typical tasks, providing valuable information as to how actual users interact with the system to do real tasks. In addition, users have the opportunity to share opinions and perceptions regarding the usability of the website facilitating its owner’s ability to meet its objectives.  By testing a website, specific areas requiring improvement can be identified.

Membership Surveys

A membership survey is vitally important to any successful membership organization or association. It can give you the information you need to successfully manage a growing membership program. Surveys can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your members: what do they like, what don’t they like, what would make them get more involved? Surveys of one-time members can help you find out why your members didn't renew and how you can get them back!

Employee Satisfaction Study

Satisfied employees are the base to any successful organization. CMOR can measure employee satisfaction with both their job and the agency giving the organization unbiased recommendations for improving the work environment and, in turn, increasing the satisfaction level and productivity of employees.

"A La Carte" Research Services

Do you have the need to collect information, crunch numbers or analyze data, but are not ready to commit to hiring a new team member? As your external research partner, we work "a la carte", meaning that you select what aspects of a research project you would need CMOR assistance with. Having an external research partner is far less costly than hiring new, full-time employees whenever your research needs pick up and retaining them when research needs slow down. Plus, you get the expertise of the entire CMOR team.

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